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News of Nokia’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated – MSFT, NOK – Foolish Blogging Network

Posted by hkanw på 4 maj, 2012

Finally, Nokia just recently won a patent lawsuit that allows them – and co-defender HTC – to continue selling phones in Europe. And there’s a new infringement lawsuit Nokia has brought against the likes of HTC (so much for that friendship), ViewSonic and embattled competitor Research in Motion. With the difficulties RIMM is having, the last thing they need is to lose a lawsuit. When Nokia won last year’s suit against Apple the behemoth just wrote a check – that’s not going to be so easy for RIM should they come out on the wrong side of this one. What’s at stake? With expected annual revenues for Nokia of about $650 million, protecting those patents is crucial.

It’s been said before and is worth stating again – in spite of all you’ve heard and read, news of Nokia’s demise is exaggerated. Give this company – and this management team – some time to implement their vision. For mid to long-term investors the pay-off is going to be huge.

viaNews of Nokia’s Demise Greatly Exaggerated – MSFT, NOK – Foolish Blogging Network.


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