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Buffett still loves China | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money

Posted by hkanw på 12 februari, 2012

The greatest investor of all time has some encouraging thoughts on emerging markets. In fact, Warren Buffett says China in particular is a proposition even a third-grader can understand.

As he told the press at a photo opportunity in southern China today, China is a big economy — already the world’s second-largest — and is getting bigger at a fast rate. And with big opportunities in that high-growth market going largely uncovered by Western analysts, Buffett naturally sees China as a “logical” place for him to put his money to work.

Buffett is touring China looking for investments to bring into the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

So far, Buffett has made two notable deals in the country over the years. The first, a 3% stake in Petrochina (PTR, quote), was sold off in 2007 at roughly a 600% profit; since then, the global recession knocked 35% out of the stock’s value.

viaBuffett still loves China | Emerging Markets | Emerging Money.


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